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Protect your home and your belongings with comprehensive home insurance coverage from LA Insurance Agency. Choose the home owners coverage options to meet your life and needs when you get a home insurance quote todayLA Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency that can shop multiple carriers to get you one of the best home insurance policies available to you!

A basic California homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the following:

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Every home owner are different and your home insurance policy
The agents at LA Insurance Agency Services will create a homeowner’s insurance policy that will best suit you and your family. Contact us today for more information on our comprehensive homeowner’s insurance policy options.

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online payments

Find answers to your most common online payment insurance questions.
Be sure to register your policy so you can access it online! Register Your Policy. you can use your Debit or Credit Card to make your payment online.

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Learn about personal insurance such as auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, financial planning, managing credit and business insurance solutions.

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How to find most valuable insurance coverage?
Our experts have reviewed the best insurance providers for all your insurance coverage needs. We find the best insurance rates for you

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reliable protection

Reliability of your risk management
Life Insurance is an essential part of any financial plan and is reliable protection solution to ensure the financial safety of your family or business.

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